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Great Cousin (by Mark Moxey)

posted Aug 16, 2008, 8:34 PM by Pam Bryant

This is Mark, Brian's cousin.  Brian was a great person.  I always looked up to him when I was younger.  He was great in everything he did.  The last thing I did with him was play Guitar Hero with him, and he beat me of course.  I remember when we used to go to Ocean City together and the tractors on the beach at night we said they were our alien brothers.  And my sister would say I'm an alien too and we would say no, your adopted.  I have so much more to say but I will write more later.
I miss you Brian.  God bless you.
Love, Mark R. Moxey

Like pulling teeth

posted Jul 11, 2008, 9:44 AM by Mandi White-Ajmani

When Brian was really little, my family and I lived in California, and we didn't get to watch him grow up as closely as we were able to with the other cousins.  My brother Sean and I have always joked about how trying to have a phone conversation with Brian was like pulling teeth.  You could never get more than one-word answers out of him, and eventually we would just give up and ask to talk to someone else!  In-person conversations weren't always much better, but at least he had the benefit of being able to make goofy faces and play around when he was talking to you.  And of course, the patented Brian smirk.  But his face would always light up when he talked about performing, mostly with the band and jazz band and, more recently, in the Music Man.  He was always happy to talk about playing the trumpet and how he hoped to be able to continue with music somehow for the rest of his life.  And his face really came alive when talking about the upcoming play-- it seemed he was really excited to be making his on-stage debut.  I live in Boston, and I didn't get to see the actual production, but I hear he was great!  I'm so glad people will always have those memories of his performances to think back on-- I think he'd be happy to have everyone think of him that way.  We love you, Brian.  Mandi

Brian - the Cool Dude behind the shades and trumpet!

posted Jul 8, 2008, 7:32 PM by Pam Bryant   [ updated Jul 8, 2008, 8:29 PM ]

When Brian first started playing the trumpet he was a little too shy to play for us during family gatherings.  Then after a few years, during one of our parties, we were all chatting away when his mom, Denise, said "listen - Brian is playing one of the songs he will be performing in the next concert."  It seemed that he now had the confidence and was ready to let us hear him play, but on his terms.  He just subtly began playing his trumpet in a another room with the hopes that we would hear him, but without announcing his intentions and without facing an audience.  His confidence and skill continued to increase over the years, and it was so enjoyable to listen to his concerts, especially his solos.  Most memorable, however, were the Concerts on the Bay on the Havre de Grace boardwalk and with the Havre de Grace High School Marching Band in the Fourth of July parades.  These were the times that Brian was most himself -- being the cool dude behind the shades and the trumpet.  I have such vivid memories of him in the front row as lead trumpet for the marching band in last year's Fourth of July parade, that I was afraid that coming to this year's parade may be difficult.  Of course, it was difficult, but it was also a blessing to see the memorial banner with his picture being carried by his friends ahead of the band, and to have his director, Mr. Hauf, and many of his friends come over to hug us.  It was very special.  I'll always carry that vision of Brian, "the cool dude behind the shades and trumpet" as one of my favorite memories.  --  Aunt Pam Bryant

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