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Brian, the Prankster (by Becca Antonoplos)

posted Aug 15, 2008, 6:04 PM by Pam Bryant

On one of our last few days of senior year, we were all hanging out in the parking lot during our AP Music Theory class.  We decided to pull a prank on Mr. Hauf.  Brian moved Mr. Hauf’s car down to the other side of the parking lot as I taught Mr. Hauf how to drive a manual.  After driving around the block a few times, we pulled back into the parking lot and he still hadn’t noticed.  We were all laughing as Brian was trying to act innocent as Mr. Hauf went into the building.  Brian had to give Mr. Hauf his keys back so he went into the building and told him he found the key on the ground.  Mr. Hauf was having a horrible dizzy spell and when he left the school.  He didn’t realize his car was missing until we told him that Brian had moved it and he made Brian go get it for him.  Brian was everyone’s best friend.  He was always making people laugh.  Brian has changed everyone’s life.  We’re gonna miss you Brian, We love you.